10th Anniversary Summit in the Rearview Mirror: What Stood Out

Now that the dust has settled from the 2011 Southern California Transportation Summit hosted by Mobility 21, I can reflect a little on this year’s event, and start to dream about how to make your experience next year that much better. ┬áSo we tried a little something new this year: interactive polling in the general […]

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Can Technology Help Relieve Traffic in Southern California?

I’ve been struck recently by the ways in which technology can help us do more with less. At this year’s Summit we’ll have a breakout session that will be geared to this phenomenon as it applies to transportation. How can technology help us get more throughput from our highways, how will a new “smart grid” […]

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Why Transportation Investment Doesn’t Always Mean Raising Taxes

In the past couple weeks I’ve been speaking to folks about the need to invest in our infrastructure. I think that’s pretty straight forward: you put money and effort (i.e. man hours) into fixing and expanding the infrastructure we need to move about the region, and there should be: a) improved traffic flow b) better […]

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