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Rail~Volution is a conference of passionate people, like you, who want to engage in thoughtful discussion about…

Building Livable Communities with Transit

Join us for Rail~Volution 2012 and see how Los Angeles is putting a retro spin on tomorrow. People from all perspectives, dedicated to transit, livability and healthy communities will be energized by a mix of ideas, cultures and transit projects unique to the Los Angeles region – but relevant to all.

Long before Los Angeles was known for its car culture, the city boasted one of the most extensive and efficiently operated interurban transit systems in the world.

Today, the region is rediscovering its transportation past to chart its future course.

From October 14-17, 2012 in Los Angeles, Rail~Volution 2012 will offer Southern Californians dedicated to transit, livability and healthy communities the opportunity to gather and discuss ways to weave a fully integrated, efficiently operated transit network capable of meeting the future needs of the region’s constantly evolving demographic.

Developers, business leaders, civic planners, local elected officials, community advocates, transit operators and private citizens – energized by a mix of ideas, cultures and transit projects unique to the greater Los Angeles region – will participate in 75 workshops and networking sessions to exchange opinions on a broad range of topics including developing rider-friendly bus and core rail systems; utilizing transit planning to rekindle local communities; and implementing new, and old, technologies to enhance mobility and access throughout the region.

Rail~Volution 2012 is a genuinely unique and timely event that will lay the groundwork for Los Angeles to control its own transit destiny at a time of challenging national and regional economic priorities.

Past, present and future, Los Angeles needs transit. Register today for Rail~Volution 2012 at www.railvolution.org and learn why and how.