Guest Post: Private and Public Sectors Have Role in Fixing Infrastructure

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by Janet Kavinoky | Aug 6, 2013 | Originally posted at In their Wall Street Journal op-ed historians Larry Schweikart and Burton Folsom use history to paint a broad brush against government infrastructure investments and assume that entrepreneurs are the only solution. Reality is more nuanced than that. It's not either/or. Our modern economy (and the jobs supported by it) has infrastructure needs that require both private- and public-sector involvement. There is much in the category of "infrastructure" that can and should be private sector owned and driven:  energy, broadband and telecommunications, freight railroads.  In these instances, the private sector is both infrastructure and service provider.  The U.S. Chamber has argued-see our Water Is Your Business  campaign in partnership with the National Association of Water Companies-that there are infrastructure sectors where there needs to be much more private sector investment and management.  Drinking water, wastewater, highways, public transportation, airports, waterways and ports-these are [...]