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Now more than ever, Mobility 21 Coalition members must speak up for transportation. Have you had to lay off workers? Been laid off? Had a contract or P.O. delayed? Had to stop work on an ongoing project? We want to hear about it! Lawmakers need to see and hear from the people impacted by their decisions.


Simply leave a comment below or upload a YouTube video and share the link. We will make sure your voice is heard in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

3 responses to “Sound off about transportation”

  • I am impacted because of the slow up for the Hi-Speed Rail. This project will boost the economy from Northern CA to Southern CA. It will be an amazing project and this train will change the way Americans travel.

    This system will make it possible to travel from Sacramento to L.A. in just two hours. I know there are jets that can do that already. Well I don’t like to fly! Not just because of the invasiveness of the Airports (the scanner that lets other people see you naked!) I understand that and why. I just don’t trust the airlines air traffic controls. I know someone who knows and they say there are multiple near misses every day. I am not willing to put my kids on the jets anymore. It will actually take less time on the hi-speed train than it will flying because of the security on a plane. I feel safer in a train any day than traveling by air.

    Don’t tell me about the costs either because I don’t care. I know the train is going to cost money to build, DUH! The reality is the train will make it back multiple times within a few years, and that’s a fact. What else do all you Debbie Downers have to say?

    I say build it give CA a fighting chance to be a leader in the US. Get people working and people up and moving through CA is style.
    Either we build the Hi-Speed train or we just let every country in the world kick our a** off in the of world transportation. The US is lagging behind, and we are defiantly too dependent on our cars including me.

  • Ted

    I hope the ecomomy picks up soon, I am an out of work Engineer. I have been working my entire adult life and now there is not a job to be found. i agree the Hi-Spped Rail Project would not only boost the ecomomy but would help to re-build California. Why cant those repubicans see that!

  • California needs to find ways to boost the economy while putting people back to work. Ca has more of a work force than most countries have. Most are willing ready and able to go to work. I feel sorry for the family on food stamps, loosing health benefits and homes because of the economy.
    It just makes sense to put money into infrastructure. This will re-build a failing transportation system that we have long past out grown. We don’t need to build any more schools right now we have too many already, public school attendance is down while private schools and homeschooling is at an all time high. This is because parents are realizing that public schools are failing our kids.
    What we need are new and safer roadways and hi-ways. Our hi-ways are falling apart and Caltrans can’t just keep repairing them they need to be replaced and brought up to today’s standards. I think adding new systems like the H-Speed Train to California will defiantly improve the State and local economy and put us on the cutting edge of technology. I agree with Kathleen we are lagging, while most modern countries have a Hi-Speed Train system that has proven effective. More of us would take a train if the hi-speed train was available. I also have to fly often and I don’t feel safe, I would take the train if it were available.

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